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Intro to OOF2 | Jitin

Intro to OOF2

In 2013, I was introduced to OOF2: an open-source, image-based, microstructure analysis program. OOF2 was my introduction to the world of computational materials science. It can calculate macroscopic properties from images of actual or simulated microstructures. While the software itself is beginner-friendly, it was developed for linux-based operating systems with which many members of the research community are not familiar. To bridge this gap, I conducted a workshop for the Material Advantage IIT Kanpur Chapter in September 2021 meant as a friendly introduction to OOF2.

A typical scenario where OOF2 is helpful is to identify stress concentrations. OOF2 uses FEM solvers. These videos, which were a part of the workshop, cover installation and setup briefly, followed by a walkthrough of a typical stress distribution calculation using OOF2.